Monday, June 13, 2011

I think I might actually be going

This came in the mail Saturday: tickets to my first Broadway show (orchestra, row S) and my 2-day New York pass, complete with bus tour. I believe this is the first actual hold-in-my-hand proof that I'm going. Until this point, it's just been credit card bills.

And nearly everything I watched over the weekend included shots of New York. And for the first time in my life, I managed to sit through (nearly) the entire Tonys. I usually just watch the opening. I think I was shopping for a second show. Not Spider Man, not Book of Mormon...anybody know when Brooke Shields will be in the Addams Family? It might be worth it just to see how that goes. A little unexpected cursing would keep things lively (I felt bad for her after her rough beginning but I do think it says a lot about who you are when you have to be bleeped for "accidentally" cursing in front of a crowd that size. I'm not sure exactly what it says but it says something...).

What do you think? Opinions? It's gotta be musical and funny. I have to take my Broadway education in baby steps.

If you missed it, here's Neil Patrick Harris' wrap up:

And if you missed the opening number and Brooke Shields, here:

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