Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A little public service

So I managed to shoehorn in some movies this weekend (when I should have been picking up all of Jack's latest debris but we won't talk about that). This photo has very little to do with that. I mentioned Timothy Olyphant to someone yesterday. She had no idea who that was. I find that a sad but easily fixed situation. This is a photo of Raylan Givens Justified Timothy Olyphant.

He was also in I Am Number Four. This is not publicized well enough. It was a pleasant surprise to me instead of the selling point it might have been. And the movie could use more selling points. As it is, Henry (TO) and the beagle were the highlights.

I also watched The Green Hornet. It was a little...yawn-ish.

And Gnomeo and Juliet. We know I am eclectic, right? I preferred this to Shakespeare's original. As a non-Shakespearean, I usually prefer the remakes.

So, what should I have rented instead?

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