Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Day 1, Empire State Building..

So, after finishing the Liberty Cruise two hours earlier than I thought I would, I walked back to Times Square to hop on the hop on, hop off bus. I think this purchase was an excellent decision, not because of the ability to use it for transportation. These buses only work with the hopping if you have all the time in the world. I didn't feel like I did. But I decideed to take the downtown tour which featured the Empire State Building.

I had no idea that this would be like a theme park ride with this line followed by that line and then the next and then an elevator ride and then another line and then another elevator ride. But it was. And I was hot. There was air conditioning but there was also half of the entire world in line with me. And a King Kong to keep the line entertained.

And if I hadn't been a hot, sweaty mess, I would have made his handler take a picture of us when he proposed to me. First he snuck up behind me (hated it) but then he kissed and proposed, so I have warm feelings in my heart for King Kong. But no picture.

I do have these. You can tell it's late afternoon. Afterwards, I ate next door at the Chipotle because I am less food brave than walking around New York brave. And then I went to my hotel room.

No, I didn't. I looked at a map and plotted a route that would keep the party going. I mean, it was past my bedtime before I made it back to the hotel, people! What can I say, so wild I am.

The view from the Empire State Building. Picture these views, me, and literally half the population of the world on the outside observation deck. It was just like Sleepless in Seattle except late afternoon and so packed with people that there would have been no way for Tom and Meg to find each other.

Macy's and the Empire State Building

Bus tours require constant vigilance...lights, signs, and tree branches!

The 24 hour post office

Empire State Building views

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