Thursday, July 28, 2011

Sorry, I know this isn't a dog blog

But I don't really have a blog post. Come back tomorrow...I'll have a fabulous write up of my journeys with the Knook. So yesterday I mentioned Jack's upcoming schooling (I hope). I have long thought that a dog that can jump up on counters and pull the curtains down has some serious potential. Perhaps the potential to be housed behind bars one day but I choose to be hopeful instead. If we can channel his energy and teach him to do things on command, he could go far. I don't know where but it would definitely be better than the road not taken to doggie jail.

So I was thinking agility classes because it looks like fun and I think he has the fearlessness to do it. But as I was signing him up for basic obedience I noticed rally, a less-intense intermediate step. What do you think?

I think rally actually gives him the skills I want him to know, someday, when he manages to make it through basic obedience. I'm such a stage mother already and he can't master not carrying the unmentionables out in the backyard yet.

Rally, perfect score at the highest level:

And agility...this looks like a lot of running on my part. I may need to rethink...

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