Tuesday, August 23, 2011

My missing photo

Regina and Cindy (*waving*) mentioned that there's no photo on yesterday's post showing how I looked after more than an hour in hell. I did accidentally see my face while I was shooting Jack's picture over my shoulder in the backseat.

My hair reacts unpredictably in most situations. Throw tons of humidity at it and most of the time it will curl like crazy. Say I'm in Houston: curls run amok. But they don't always run amok evenly. I think that's what amok might mean.

When I am hot and/or frustrated, my hands twist and smooth and yank and brush and twirl said hair.

When I have curls going on, they get larger and fuzzier. Sort of like this:

And you might have also heard that Southern women don't sweat, they glisten. On Sunday, I had glisten dripping in my eye. Add to that how my face blazes bright red the minute I have any exertion or heat, and the idea that anyone might take a picture is absolutely horrifying. I'm certainly not going to do it to myself.

I will post Jack pictures all day long.


JustCindy said...

Oh my! My hair looks like that when there is humidity involved.

Regina said...

LOL - I think the one you just posted is fabulous! I will picture that face and hair leading Jack around! :-)

My hair and humidity don't agree, either (which is why I am usually the photographer, too!)

LindsayGlenn said...

You are too funny. Mine doesn't curl... just frizzes.