Monday, August 08, 2011

Winners...we have winners!

So, thanks to, I have two winners. I included all the comments on my Knook posts and the winners are....drum rollllllllll....

How cute are those! I think you will be finished by August 6th, this year. lol I really must find one of those Knooks so I can learn to do this. Have fun!!
I'll say by Christmas time, so you can give them as a gift. wink wink... 
Happy Knooking... (cant wait to get mine.)(Hopefully Walmart will actually start selling them.)

Cindy's been been a webby friend for so long! And she's the best who leaves nice comments. Yay, I'm so happy!! 
And CottonCandyG is a new friend. Email me your addresses and we'll get them on the way!

And to everyone who wants a Knook but can't find it in their local Wal-Mart, here's a post from the Lesiure Arts Facebook page to help. Don't forget to Like us on Facebook.
If you can’t find the Knook at your local Walmart, just call us at our Consumer Desk at 1-800-526-5111, ext. 355 or Email us at customer_service@leisurear​, and we’ll try to help.


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JustCindy said...

I'm so excited to win. Get busy finishing the second wrist warmer, you will need lots of different color warmers in just a few months. Thanks, Cheryl.