Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Ah, long weekend

So I thought I might have these done this weekend.

I don't.

On Saturday, I did dog homework at the park. And then I recovered.

On Sunday, I did dog class and only felt major discomfort from the heat and humidity. As I've been close to death the previous weeks, I feel that's progress. The weather is changing. Jack learned a couple new things.

I'm not sure how the average second grader keeps up with all the homework. I'm worn out already and this was week 3.

And then on Monday, I did everything I meant to do on Saturday and Sunday.

It was a good weekend. That's what I'm saying. I did manage to make it into the foot of the sock. It's easy street now. I had a bad moment when I walked away and came back to see Jack with yarn in his mouth but there was no harm done. This time. I feel certain these socks aren't long for this world. A combination of yarn and sock, two things Jack loves to chew on above many other things...we should start a pool to guess when the first hole will appear. Near perfect recall and improving obedience will not conquer the lure of good feety yarn. I'll just enjoy them while I have them.

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