Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Hats & Flowers

So I have flowers done. They aren't quite attached yet, but I consider the making most of the battle.

I've actually made 3 but the first one was so large as to look like it might eat your head. Definitely not a good thing for a baby hat.

Cindy asked me to report back on how I like the book. First warning: my crochet skills are weak. I couldn't finish the first one I started but I'll just go ahead and admit that it was user error ("Now how do I do a single crochet again?"). Then I successfully completed 3. I like that there are a lot of choices.

Second warning: I do work for Leisure Arts and am predisposed to like all of our books. I think the fact that I could make three flowers successfully says good things about the ease of the designs or the instructions or both.

Of course, I still can't tell right side from wrong side. That there 2-color flower may get sewn on backwards.

Possibly, I should put down the hook.

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JustCindy said...

Of course, you like all of Leisure Arts books, don't we all? Don't worry about right and wrong side I've been crocheting for 40 yrs and I still have problems with that. Great job on the flowers. Use the too large flower it is the style.