Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Irony? Maybe

So you remember on Friday I talked about Spencer Quinn's book Thereby Hangs a Tail. Cute. Funny. Ha-ha-hilarious to see the world through a dog's eyes. I checked it and the next one, To Fetch a Thief, from my friendly local library.

And on Friday, I started reading the second one. It looked like this at one time.

Now it looks like this. I went to the grocery store early Saturday morning and in the space of less than 2 hours, this book went from the top picture to the bottom picture.

Jack ate a library book.

I am not amused.

He is still alive.

I had to send the library a note saying that my dog ate my library book. And then wait, cringing all the time, for the bill to arrive. So much for "free books" and all.

Then we had some quiet time. When I stuffed my rage back through resting my eyes, a cold Diet Coke, and half a box of Cheerios, we went on to the park. That went about like you'd expect.

Then Jack took a nap and forgot the whole episode. I won't forget until the check to the library clears the bank.


JustCindy said...

Oh dear! Maybe there is something in the book that Jack didn't feel was suitable for you to read. Go buy another copy of the book and take it to the library along with the half eaten copy. Hopefully they will laugh and you will feel better.

Celia said...

If it makes you feel the least bit better, my husband received a personally inscribed book from a childhood friend who is now a writer. Something that was written from the heart from this dear friend. Something very personal that can only be written once. Then Bingo decided to eat the book. The special book. The very personal book. I hid the remaining pieces and wrote to Paula very quickly, sending money to pay for a new book, begging forgiveness at the "incident" and luckily received the replacement and put it on the shelf. Sometimes secrets are a good thing for all involved - dogs especially.