Monday, September 12, 2011

Week 4: the zoomies

All last week, Jack had trouble with his homework. He was having a good time, but he wasn't doing things as well as he had. There was a lot of unsanctioned jumping going on.

And on Saturday at the park, he was very, very, very social. Every dog had to be greeted like a long lost friend. And there was a group of young men doing...something...I'm not sure what in the middle of the park. There were uniforms and stretching and a cadence was involved. You could hear that all over the park. Jack was intrigued whenever he pulled his head up from whatever tiny piece of material he was investigating at the time.

This walk took forever. I mean it. I wished I had brought a book along.

And Sunday, he was normal. Until we pulled up at school. And he went crazy, meeting and greeting and jumping and whining and saying "Hallllooooo" until I was worn out.

And then his class started.

Trainer Larry mentioned that about now you might see your dogs with a bad case of the zoomies. I pointed at Jack. At that point, he was straining at his leash, trying to talk to the Doberman next to us.

I had a bad feeling, but he did pretty well with the class. He stayed in place even as a squeaky duck toy was dragged past him. I would have bet money against him on that one. And he did the recall both times perfectly. After one dog broke loose and really showed what the zoomies could look like with a wide open ring, 10 other dogs encouraging her, and 12 adults trying to catch her, I looked down at Jack and could see the wheels turning. He didn't do that and I nearly passed out from relief when he ran right to me and planted himself in a perfect sit. He did pretty well. Until the last 15 minutes. And by that point he had expended all the energy he possibly could.

Jack stretched out, sprawled out, looked absolutely as comfortable as you can on a black floor in 90+ degree heat. He was ready for a snooze. I, on the other hand, was ready to keep moving around the circle with every other person in the class. When it was over, Trainer Larry came over and scooped him up off the floor. He carried him around like a baby (something Jack seems fond of) and talked to him for a bit.

I suspect Jack will just start out here next week, stretched out on the floor. This was more attention than he's gotten since we started. And to top it all off, he started barking at a large German Shepherd across the room. Why that dog in a room full of dog? I have no idea. Why today, the fourth time we've done this, instead of any other time? I have no idea.

I blame the zoomies.

I think my dog might be the class clown. Still, he did pretty well with all the commands. This week we added "Leave it" which will be handy in the park if Jack gets it.

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