Monday, September 19, 2011

Week 5: Jack is Gracie Lou Freebush

I think I've resigned myself to not winning a medal in basic obedience.

Maybe I've begun resigning myself anyway.

Yesterday I watched a ginormous Mastiff complete a picture perfect recall with the bonus landing in heel position. And that was from a perfect Sit-Stay.

Jack almost nailed it but got distracted by the puppy class. And Sit-Stay from more than 5 feet for anything more than 3 seconds? Forget about it.

In a class of beginners, he would be top of his class, but he's facing some pedigrees who had a jump start. He won't even get Most Improved. That's going to go to a Beagle named Sunny and that's a very good thing. I'm happy for Sunny. He's a different dog than when he started.

If there were an award for Mister Congeniality, Jack would totally win it. There would be no competition for Jack. This dog snoozes until the last 5 minutes of the car trip. Then I turn into the driveway and he comes alive. He whines. He whimpers. He leaps back and forth. He paws.

And then he sees Cheryl the trainer. Hearts and flowers shoot from his eyes. And he can't contain his joy. Finally, we make it out of the car. He races to her and plants himself perfectly in front of her.

And every dog that arrives gets the same treatment. People, too. Jack does not discriminate against size, color, or number of feet. He loves equally and joyously and while wiggling his entire body.

It's exhausting for both of us. People smile when they see him. Dogs either patiently endure his excessive excitement or they join in. So he can't get the perfect Sit-Stay or Down-Stay and he needs to work on sticking his landings. He's a lot of fun to watch. I'm sure if there was a vote, he'd win Mister Congeniality.

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pat sloan said...

my first dog flunk school.. I didn't even take the second... wink!