Monday, September 26, 2011

Week 6: Back in the Game

So, everyone here knows how easygoing I am, right? There's hardly a competitive bone in my body, true?

I would never let a little thing like not winning a medal cast me into the depths of despair. Also, I would never throw around phrases like "depths of despair" in connection with a basic obedience class.

This week, I was getting pretty fed up with the homework, especially in the face of almost certain defeat. Jack and I had a bad Saturday, a topic for another blog post, and I really expected hijinks on Sunday.

Then we pulled up in front of the place. Jack saw Cheryl and flipped. Cheryl and Larry spoke to him and he was a perfect, delightful gentleman. Other dogs showed up and he went total nutcase like he does. And then class started.

And he was very nearly perfect. I don't think he got the message that he was supposed to do better at home than in class but whatever. I'd need a video replay to confirm but I think trainer Larry might have actually said Jack was going to give the Mastiff a run for his money. He does a very good recall, didn't even get distracted by the puppies this week. He must have nerves of steel because those dang puppies are so stinkin' cute. I would have been distracted. I was distracted.

One more class and then the big finale. He loves it so much. I'll be checking the schedule for something next session. I hope they have something without medals.

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JustCindy said...

Way to go, Jack! I knew you could do it.