Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Jack goes to the lake

Jack's a good dog, lots of fun, and clearly has mad obedience potential. But he's not restful. Darcy was restful. He's...energetic. He has no use for any more lake water than he can drink because he doesn't want to swim. He wants to run. And talk to other dogs. And people. Even at a mostly deserted place, he can make a strong show for crazy when anyone else comes by.

I think he whimpered for the 40 hours or so we were there. If we were inside, he wanted to be outside. If we were outside, he wanted to be moving. If we were moving, he wanted to be moving closer to the only other person or dog on the place.

And when we got home, he slept for two days straight.

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Julie said...

I love your Jack stories. He is a lucky dog to have been there that day you came along the highway!