Wednesday, October 19, 2011

A gift for me from me?

My birthday's in January.
Christmas is still a looooong way away. I keep telling myself that because it makes it easier to sleep at night.

But I want.

It's available at Knitting Daily for pre-order. If I remember how much I wanted it, I may do a little looksy around town around November 8 when it becomes available. Let's all hope I forget.

Will I actually knit something from this? Probably not. As a person who could act all the parts in the Colin Firth Pride and Prejudice and the Alan Rickman/Hugh Grant Sense and Sensibility and do a bit of Jeremy Northam's Emma too, I need this. I mean, for the collection. You know?


Anonymous said...

Then you probably will also want to know there is a book out there called AUSTENtatious Crochet, at Beautiful ruffled sweater on the cover.

Cheryl said...

That is a great title!