Thursday, November 17, 2011

Books to Movies

If you've somehow missed it, there's a buzz about the first Hunger Games trailer. Because I can name several many people who don't know The Hunger Games, I'll remind you that I read it (because there was going to be a movie) and talked about it here. It takes place in America in the very bleak future where the country has been arranged into districts that serve the frivolous people in the capitol district. There's a reaping ceremony where 2 young people from each district are chosen to compete in the ultimate of reality shows, a live televised competition where 24 people go in but only one survives. It's a hard life in the district where food is rationed. You can ask for more, but that means you have more entries in the reaping, more chances to be chosen. Katniss Everdeen volunteers to save her sister. And then she changes the game.

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Sandi Colwell said...

I'm dying to read those books. My oldest daughter and husband devoured them and they are next up in my Kindle queue!