Wednesday, November 16, 2011

A lot of work

This is calm Jack. I believe this was taken Saturday afternoon after a nice, looooong walk at the park. He is relaxing in style. He's pretty good at that, becoming a limp mass of fur and legs that you can position in most any way without disturbing him.

But then there's the other Jack. The Tuesday Night Jack. That Jack is W-I-L-D. He has all the attention deficit and hyperactivity mixed with selective hearing. Thank goodness for treats. I believe he's corrupted all but two of the dogs in this class (watch out Chip and Cowboy). His latest conquest is Cheeto, the laid-back-and-perfectly-behaved Lab. Last night he had Cheeto whimpering, barking, rolling around and jumping instead of listening. And all I could do is look at Cheeto's person and mumble "Sorry" as I wrestled my wiggling mass away.

You just can't argue with the joy on his face, though.  I'm glad he can't be sent to detention. We'd spend our whole lives there.

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JustCindy said...

Poor Jack! He can't help that he is trying to spread his good mood around the room. Those people just don't understand him.