Thursday, November 10, 2011

It's a truth universally acknowledged...

Remember when I said I wanted this? I don't anymore. Because I bought it! I went out at lunch on Tuesday and managed to find this in the sea of magazines at Barnes and Noble. Happy Knitting Magazine to me!

And thank you Liz and Cindy for the congratulations. I'm happy that I have such good friends to celebrate with. The flowers are from Jean and my friends Jean, Lisa, Susan, Frances, and Mary took me out for lunch to celebrate. I also had a chance to speak directly to Lucia Macro at Avon, all the waaaay up in New York City. She was complimentary, encouraging, and very nice. I shall now be anxiously awaiting my prize books because I need a large collection of books. I love books, so the more the merrier! In the mean time, I'll work through my knitting magazine and try to beat the late fees from my leaning tower of library books.

Oh, yeah, and possibly write something.

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