Tuesday, November 08, 2011

One more Quilt Market post

Even before we made it near the Clover booth at Quilt Market, we heard tales of this new Fuse n Gather. And the name says it all: iron down the fusible, gather by pulling the threads that are already sewn in.

Here's a link for a demo (done on the floor of Quilt Market for added atmosphere): Clover Fuse n Gather.

Also very cool (with link to demo): Clover Fuse n Bind and Clover Wonder Clips

Our travel plans to the show were a little wrinkled, thanks to a cancelled 6:45 flight, so I got to the show about an hour before my first meeting. What did I do? I have my priorities in line. I headed straight over to the Sullivans booth to see my friend Pat Sloan. I had to catch her while I still could! I've been impressed with their Edge ruler (it has a rotary cutter blade sharpener on...the edge, get it?)  and embroidery floss. This time they had wheeled sewing machine cases (in pretty colors which is important) and these cutting mats. You can piece together different mats and sizes and they are joined like puzzle pieces. This gives you flexibility in storage and in portability. You can also replace a mat that becomes too worn without scrapping the others. Cool, right? The joined mats were nice and flat and seemed sturdy enough for happy rotary cutting.

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