Friday, November 04, 2011

Jack Johnson, mole hunter

When I travel, Jack takes a car ride to the country to stay with my friends Jean and Charles and their beagles. It's a fabulous arrangement for me because they also usually throw in delivery and pick-up all for one low price of FREE. I didn't get a lot of report on Jack this time. Jean just said, "He plays hard." And he does. And then he sleeps hard, usually curled up in a ball with his head under his tail right where you don't want him to be. I should probably work on that.

I got wind of one of his escapades from someone else. Apparently, Jack took his digging skills to new heights. We're doing school to try to discourage the digging, but this was fresh ground. And he must have had a good partner because they dug up a MOLE. A mole, people! Luckily, Jack didn't win the competition. Betty beagle did. It just seems like bad manners to be a guest in someone's house and go and dig up their mole, you know? I'm sure he was a gentleman and  let her have first pass at the mole (not really. he probably still relives that in his dreams.)

He had his second Canine Good Citizen class and it wasn't much better than the first one, despite my careful planning. I almost showed my real self there in that metal building. It takes a bit to provoke me to lose my religion and I barely managed to grit my teeth and make it to the end of class. I felt like the teacher had unrealistic expectations of my good boy baby dog Jack because he couldn't hold a sit-stay when I walked away from him. And she just could not let it go with him the way she did with others. He hadn't ever done it before and she was just way too...I didn't like the way she talked to me or expected me to talk to my good boy baby dog Jack.

But as we've done before, we came home and practiced. And he can do it. My good boy baby dog Jack just needed some practice. So there, lady. Here's video proof. Please ignore the state of my patio. I do neaten occasionally and come back to find things scattered, knocked over, and generally moved around. Do you think I might have a mole of my own??

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