Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Quilt Market: 5 things

I'm not sure how many Quilt Market posts I've done but there have been a few. You can visit the Leisure Arts blog to see my post on our designers some time this week. This is my attempt to be all...different. I'll do something better tomorrow. Promise.

1. Quilt Market is a theme park for quilters and has the souvenirs to show for it. I come back with stacks of paper and had packed my bags so carefully in order to avoid the checked bag hassle that I had no room for anything other than said paper. I wanted the Quilt Market tote. I didn't get it, but this picture is interesting. You see the souvenir booth. And you see dudes shopping at it. Didn't expect that, did you?
2. It's planes, trains, and automobiles to get to Market (without the trains and included a bus or too). I don't know if things have gotten more efficient or I've just gotten luckier in my old age but the bus from the Hyatt to the convention center was really, really convenient this time.
3. I do know for sure that Houston has gotten prettier since we've been going to Quilt Market. It's been a long awkward phase of construction, but this area around the convention center is really pretty, particularly when there is good weather. As I had never really seen good weather, I began to doubt Houston had anything other than hot and humid with a side of extra humid, but this year was absolutely perfect. FYI, that makes it harder to walk the show floor. I wanted to be outside.
4. If you can't spend all your money shopping for fabric, notions, thread, patterns, magazines, or books for you shop, you can find a few other booths mixed in here and there with some pretty jewelry. Oh, and buttons. I find myself falling more every day for buttons. It's weird.
5. Where high powered publishing executives meet. If you've ever/never met me, you probably understand how important food is in my life. This market I spent a larger amount of time traveling to and fro the Food Court. In the extreme absence of a booth and designated sitting place, we spent time occupying the Food Court. Meeting, not eating. Yeah. N-o-t eating. It was sad but efficient.

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