Wednesday, November 30, 2011

This guy

This is what happens when you buy the wrong Milkbone box. Your dog occasionally gets a treat that is as large as  his head. Instead of grabbing the large box of small bones, I picked up the large bog of large bones. There is a sizable difference in square treat area.

Some things deserve a large treat. Jack had his Canine Good Citizen class last night. We missed last week because of all the traveling I did so I knew he was going to be wound up. And he was. There was jumping. There was whimpering. There was crying. There was a sharp, high-pitched bark of glee. There was tumbling with his friends. There was making new friends.

And that all happened in the 15 minutes before the class started. I was thiiiiis close to picking up the squirming whirlwind of fur to sneak back out to my car when the teacher started class. I ignored my feeling of impending doom and stuck it out. And he surprised me. He could have done better, but he could have done so, so, so much worse too. I have serious doubts that he'll be able to pass the test, but we have one more class for it to magically come together. And if he doesn't pass the test? He'll never make it into a good college.

If he doesn't pass the test, he can try, try again.

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JustCindy said...

That is a huge bone! lol Jack loves his friends, maybe he needs a play date with them.