Monday, December 05, 2011

Beggars, choosers, etc.

Things you might not know about my family:
1. I am the youngest and the only girl of three kids.
2. I am also the most charming, but it's hard to tell because I am also the quietest. 
3. My brother will disagree with #2. The most charming part, not the quietest. He likes to introduce me as his older sister even though he's 7 years older than I am. Other people think he's charming.
4. Most of my family lives within about 30 minutes of me.
5. This is a blessing. Really.
6. I have a family that fights over things like keepsakes and valuables and the last piece of pie like this: No, you take it. No, you take it. No, I don't need it so you take it.
7. This is a blessing. Really.
8. Cussed independence is the trait that is easiest to see in several people in my family tree. I will not name names at this time.
9. My brother gets called on for all moving requests that are so large that they conquer #8. Like, say you get new furniture or a new television that you can't figure out any way to lift on your own short of inventing and installing a complex system of ropes and pulleys. When you can't figure out how to beg, borrow, or steal it yourself, you (meaning me) call your big brother.
10. He agrees immediately, possibly because the shock of being asked for help renders him unable to remember his other scheduled commitments of which there are one trillion zillion because he is charming. And then he and his wife show up, move out whatever it is that weighs a trillion zillion pounds while you stand back and hold the dog. The catch? They show up at 10:30. In the p.m. 

I have a good family. They stay until the job is done.

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Regina said...

Love it!! Has echoes of my own siblings - though not the 30 minutes part - it's more like the 16 hours variety unfortunately! I am also the youngest (and most charming!) ;-)