Monday, January 02, 2012

Christmas vacation

So it's back to normal this week and I have a blog post or two. I know! It's been a while, right? I survived Christmas. And then last week my family and I spent some time working though my grandmother's stuff. There was a lawyer. There were boxes. There were mulitple trips to Goodwill. And my trashcan overfloweth. We were busy.

The map: A is where I live. B is her house. It was a haul. But it was a beautiful haul.
The horse: one of the neighbors.

The dog: very much a country dog at heart. The wind is always blowing at my grandmother's house. It's in the middle of pastures on a dirt road. Jack had a field day but he froze. Then he collapsed in front of the stove. Every time. Between the visiting dog, the wide open spaces, and the stove, Jack was in heaven.

What about you? Was it a good vacation? Make any resolutions? None for me. I have plenty from previous years that  I could pull out if I need one at some point.

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