Friday, December 16, 2011

Twenty minutes or less

Jack's mom away from home, Jean, got him this squeaky carrot for Christmas. In the excitement of "I'm home, I'm home" I gave it to Jack. And then I cooked some unimpressive dinner. When I turned around, the toy was in pieces. All the stuffing was pulled out through one eyeball and the squeaky was exposed. I'm definitely going to have to start getting toys that are larger than Jack. And made of steel. Jean, Jack was very happy to get his toy. He says "thank you" right after he spits out his mouthful of fiberfill.

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Jenn L in Chicago said...

I think those carrots are poorly constructed, actually. I have a friend with a shih tzu-poodle mix, about the size of the average housecat, and he trashed one of those carrots in about an hour.

But yes, Jack certainly does have a destructive side to him.