Thursday, January 12, 2012

Crochet on tv

So, brace yourselves. Here comes a sentence I could not have predicted in a million years.

Last night, thanks to Celebrity Wife Swap, I watched Flavor Flav's wife (fiance?) try to teach Dee Snider and his family how to crochet.

Yes, really. Dee Snider sat there, wrapping yarn around a crochet hook.

And because I can already hear the questions.

This is Flavor Flav and the crochet teacher. His claim to fame: member of Public Enemy and the greatest hype man in the business. I have no idea how you prove that claim.

What I learned about him: he loves his kid and mostly acts like one.

Dee Snider and his family. And because I can already hear the questions, his rock persona is below. What I learned about him: seems like a good dad, good husband, a nice guy. Also, has no crochet skill but deserves credit for trying. I could not find a picture of Dee holding a crochet hook and wrapping yarn around it.

This was after I watched the Gary Busey episode. The expected train wreck between his crazy and the disgraced preacher never arrived. What I learned about them: they seem to have picked good wives. Also, there was no crochet.

Next up: Niecy Nash and Tina Yothers. Hijinks will ensue. I do not expect them to involve crochet.

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