Wednesday, January 11, 2012

National Clean Off Your Desk Day

The goofy radio show I listen on the way in to work was talking about this today. Happily, I started cleaning off my desk yesterday. When there's a National Clean Off the Flat Surfaces You Pile Stuff On So That Your Desk Looks Better And You Can Actually Sit There AND Breathe Without Contemplating How Much Difference One Single Match Could Make To Your To-Do List, I'm going to have real trouble.
Things on my desk:
1. A list of items that need to be ready for Sales.
2. The valuable stack of sticky notes, needed every day.
3. A tape measure, possibly not a common item on most office desks but it comes in handy around here.
4. An apple, abandoned on Monday. There is a new attempt to eat better at this desk. I expect that to shrivel like this apple will.
5. Healthy Cuticles. This might be TMI but my hands need all the help they can get.
6. Stress Relief lotion from Bath and Body. Don't believe the hype.
7. Glass for water.
8. Diet Coke. The good stuff.
9. Various work form-y stuff that needs to be filed.
10. Stack o'magazines. It's been building. Must. Get. Through.

1 comment:

JustCindy said...

I guess since I cleaned off my desk over the weekend I will clean off my sewing table. Good times, NOT!