Thursday, January 26, 2012

Tradeshow locations

Houston in October isn't too bad.
Orlando in July was a really bad idea.
Portland in May was beautiful, lovely, and the place and time I'd like to live always.
Chicago in the, I traveled from hotel to convention center via tunnel so who knows?
Ditto Las Vegas. I mostly remember slot machines and Star Trek-themed lunch with masked characters which I DO NOT LIKE. Neither had anything to do with the tradeshow.

And then there's Anaheim. In California. Beautiful, sunny Anaheim. It snowed in Malibu the first year I went to this tradeshow and I believe I've worn a sweatshirt every time I've gone, but it's January. I get that. Here's the forecast for my trip to CHA:
It's going to be nice. Did I mention that the 79 degree day is also my birthday? (Upside: sunny California. Downside: airport at the crack of dawn, TSA, and being crammed into the window seat for painful, unending, crazy-making hours. Thank you, Lord, for not making me a traveling salesperson, but why did you have to put the sunny coast so far away?). 

Yeah, well, that makes it easy to remember the weather for this time of year. I have two choices: a foot of snow or spring-like beauty, with very little in between.

Here's the forecast for home on the same days:
I am looking forward to the weather on the trip, but I can almost hear gnashing of teeth from northern climes over 64 degrees (and it's higher the next day). Come to Arkansas. Right now. It's all good right now.

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