Monday, February 13, 2012

A Good Monday

So, what did you do today? 

1. I did not have to get up and commute in the dark and snow and freezing rain. It didn't amount to much but I would never have believed that while I was out operating expensive heavy machinery or trying to work with one eye on a computer screen and the other on the window.
2. I had three far-away friends make suggestions on places to contact or send a resume, friends who know people who know people, you know? I appreciate that they're thinking of me and will shamelessly name drop at the first, second, and third opportunity.
3. And another, closer-to-home friend contacted me because she'd been asked by someone at one of the few other publishing opportunities in Little Rock for my information. It was out of the blue to her, but I think I can see the hand of another far-away and long-time friend at work.
4. I actually spent two hours in the service area of a car dealership and did not want to kill anyone by the time it was over. Saturday I was out for my Sonic Route 44 run when my car acted up, flashed me a message (because we talk like that) and then refused to turn off the check engine light. Last week, I would have been stuck worrying about which meetings I'd miss and how to make up the time. This week, I plopped down in the chair and watched supercute Ty and The Revolution show. Thanks to my fabulous brother and his negotiated extended warranty, I had no worries. The service guy said a lot of words. There was a bulletin regarding a random misfire, they had to reset my EM-something, and everything should be fine now.
5. I left just as General Hospital was starting up. This picture made me laugh. I'm pretty sure I shouldn't laugh because it's intended to be serious and that made me a bit uncomfortable. It just strikes me as wrong on so many levels.

I also discovered the answer to something we've often talked about over lunch. Why do people who don't have to eat from 12 to 1 (e.g., ladies who lunch) go out then and clutter up the restaurant? Or buy groceries at 5? 

I think I understand. Not having 10 hours of the day devoted to somewhere else takes a big burden off. I couldn't hear the ticking clock as loudly today as I sat in the dealership as I normally do.

I need to get back to work ASAP because that feeling's pretty awesome.

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