Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Jack's Valentine's Day

Jack had another class last night. He should be at the point by now (or in about 3 weeks) that he should be able to move up to the first Rally class. I have my doubts. He has had two pretty good weeks in a row, however. Last night he had to sit and stay out in the middle of the ring all by his teeny, tiny self while a row of dogs (and owners) watched him. I walked away in front of him, about 5 feet, and kept that distance while I made a circle around him. And he stayed there. Even when I was behind him, he didn't move. I would have bet money he couldn't do it. I would have lost money.

On the other hand, I would have won money on the bet on what would happen to the cute Valentines dog toys that the trainer gave out last night. Jack's said "Too Sweet." And it still does, but it's considerably flatter and a great deal less squeaky than it started out when I gave it to him in the backseat on the way home last night.He enjoyed it just as I enjoy every piece of chocolate handed to me on the same day. For your video enjoyment (turn down the sound, it comes complete with a Glee song soundtrack):


little acorns said...

Hi Cheryl! A familiar sight. . . as that's exactly what my Bailey does. . . & I finally learned from a friend (who's dog did the same thing). . . to just let them un-stuff them (grabbing the squeaker though) & then they love them just as much when they are 'flat'. So, Bailey want's for me to tell Jack to, "Go for it!"
By the way. . . if you can - please email me as I only have an older email for you. . . & I have a question. . .
(. . . & I do think that 'Too Sweet' fits Jack perfectly!)
xo, Bren

Jorden Henry said...

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