Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Please save me from Food Network

I go through television phases. For a while, I was all TLC all the time. And then there's HGTV. My most recent obsession is Food Network. I watch Pioneer Woman's show but don't really feel an obsession. Rachel vs. Guy was kinda fun with all the celebrities, but it was pretty clear all along that Lou Diamond Phillips was just too cool and too skilled to lose.

What gets me? 1. Cupcake Wars. 2. Challenge. I have no idea why. Neither results in edible food. Cupcake Wars is about the race against the clock and the sometimes-crazy elements they have to use to produce something that might be edible somewhere. Challenge is the one that gets me hooked. Cakes that are four feet tall and have moving parts? The chance of utter disaster is as big as the cake. And there's the sugar challenge. Four feet of molded sugar in crazy fantastic design? I can't look away. If I do, a crackle, a gasp, or a shatter draws me back. I would get more done if I'd never seen these shows, I'm pretty sure of it. At least it doesn't give me the urge to cook anything. That would be unforgivable.

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