Thursday, June 29, 2006

It's Your Turn! by Pat Sloan

It's Your Turn! by Pat Sloan will be available in July, and it's such a fun idea! Get a group of friends together. Each person comes up with a quilt theme. Then they trade so that each person does a block on each quilt, and these are so much fun because they are applique so everyone has a chance to either use one of Pat's previous block designs or...create their own! F-U-N!

The cover (which you will be able to see someday) says "5 Friends, 5 Themes, 5 Quilts" which is the whole idea in a nutshell (Chippy would like that, right?) and then the book tells you how to plan your own. I'd love to play, but I'd have to audition my friends to find the appropriate skill quilt-y friends are all much better quilters than I am! Of course, Pat addresses that, too. This group was great...Pat has great friends!

The book has a little bit of everything...5 great wall hanging designs and patterns for all the blocks, journal ideas and entries from Pat's group, and recipes. There's even a chipmunk picture. How can you beat that?
So...I mentioned that I'm having some technical difficulty with a post on this one, because every post needs good pictures, right? Well, as soon as the cover is available (right now the file is too large to post, so I have to wait for someone more tech-able to...shrink it or whatever happens!), I'll post it, too. For now, just enjoy what I've been able to get posted!

This is a picture of Jean, the writer here at Leisure Arts who was in Pat's group, and her quilt. She also did the sewing machine block on the quilt above. This is why I have to audition my friends...too quilt-y, too design-y and way better with fabrics than I am. Of course, she has more to work with, too!

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