Thursday, June 15, 2006

Pop Culture Test...big surprise

Pop Culture Quiz:
So, since I'm currently searching for things I'm good at, I decided to take this pop culture quiz. (You know, the whole trivia, Jeopardy connection.) My results are below. I'm good at...books, big surprise, and, uh, I WAS an English major so maybe even my book IQ should be higher. Apparently, I'm not so hot with Broadway shows or current events. Sigh.

If you decide to click the link to take the test, beware. You have to register with an e-mail address to get your results and there are cleverly hidden sales schemes.

"Your pop culture IQ is 45, and you know it all when it comes to Books.

Even if you weren't an English major, you know a good read when you see it, whether it's flying off the shelves or waiting to be discovered. From a detailed history to a breezy fiction to a philosophical treatise, you take time to immerse yourself in another time and place.

You find that getting lost in a book is a great way to stay in touch with the world around you. After all, if it's happened, is in the process of happening, or could happen one day, someone has almost certainly written a story about it. And you'll be sure to read about it."

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Anonymous said...

Here's my score & profile:
"Mary, your pop culture IQ is 45, and you know it all when it comes to Entertainment

From the big screen to the small screen. Major studios to independent filmmakers. Music, dance, or art. No matter the medium, mode, or means, you pay attention to what people create — and how they manage to express themselves while engaging others.

Art and entertainment let you see places you've never visited, learn about things you've never imagined, and see the world through someone else's eyes. And your concern with what's going on — and what could be — is precisely what makes you so interesting to others. And that's an art."

I would like to know the correct answers.