Sunday, June 18, 2006

Spring Fling at Leisure Arts

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Friday afternoon, we had our annual "Spring Fling" at Leisure Arts. Despite the non-springish weather (and June 16 is cutting it awfully close to "not spring at all"), it was alot of fun. The theme was "Survior" complete with snuffed torches for the teams who were eliminated. "Outknit, outplay, outlast"...cute, right?

Tossing waterballoons
Monster volleyball

7 teams competed in challenges like "Find a talent in 5 minutes", waterballoon toss, monster volleyball, free-throws, and this pictures shows the "get all the gummy worms out of the oreo cookies" games (and a little oreo dust up your nose). Hot dogs, hamburgers, and lawn chairs in the shade...that's a party!

The gang

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