Wednesday, November 29, 2006

A wintry mix

Winter Storm Watch for Northern Arkansas Thursday and Thursday Night. Cloudy with light rain and drizzle today, but still mild. Tonight rain becomes widespread with some heavy rain and thunderstorms. Then the cold air arrives in northern Arkansas causing the rain there to change over to a wintry mix around midday tomorrow. Central Arkansas will see rain change to some sleet and snow Thursday evening with little accumulation while southern sections will see mainly rain.

So from a high of 75 today to a wintry mix and a low of 25 tomorrow here in Little Rock. I guess winter is here! I like winter, but I don't like the wintry mix. I want snow, not freezing rain, not ice, and I don't want to be at work when it comes. Even worse, I'll be at UALR until dark-thirty tomorrow. Snowmen, hot chocolate, and an ice-encrusted labrador...all very good things. Slipping and sliding home... not so good. Of course, I don't think it's time to head to the supermarket for milk and bread yet. 1. How often do the weathermen get it right? 2. Even if they are right, surely the ground is warm enough to melt that dang stuff anyway. 3. Frances is already off, so we won't see anything around here.

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