Monday, December 18, 2006

Would you believe 12 pounds?

As I am a strange individual, I decided to actually weigh the gargantuan Corporate Strategy project. It weighs in at 4 pounds alone, in its final form of 305 pages, without the 50 pages of financials. Then, just to entertain myself further and distract myself from the number on the scale (I was holding the notebook to weigh it), I weighed the final paper with the reams of paper holding "research". 12 pounds! 12 pounds! Now I'm working on the presentation. To all my friends, remember me tonight. I'm thinking it's going to be brutal, but I can do anything for 20 minutes. Then I never have to do it again! And there will be excitement and jubilation around 8:45 tonight, unless I'm too devestated by the whole thing. Then I will jubilate tomorrow.

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