Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Christmas shopping

So, you know how when you actually start spending money, it's hard to stop? Maybe that's just me. I'm not sure if it's buying the car, or actually going out into the madness to buy Christmas gifts, but I suddenly have imaginary money burning a hole in my pocket. My current obsessions are a new digital camera, just in case I get to take a fabulous trip to a lovely country in Europe in 2007 (and it could happen), and a new sewing machine (which I've wanted for a while but if you don't actually sew anything, how badly do you really NEED a new machine?). After Pat's classes here, I think we all had a burning desire for a new machine, but, you know, I actually NEED a new machine.

Unfortunately, I have expensive taste in all things, but not a great budget for any of them. I'd love to have this Bernina...but I don't have $3,000 to spend on anything, much less a new machine. Unless Santa brings it to me, I won't have a machine like Alex's. (And, with a price tag like that, it'll have to be the real Santa.) But my problem is that when I see what I want, it's hard for me to make the sensible choice and go with what I can afford. Sigh. Maybe I better sew a little more before I go out shopping. But, I HAVE been in 2 DIFFERENT quilt stores in the past week, purchased fabrics, and sewn on 2 different projects. Surely that's evidence that the new machine (with a good blanket stitch, and the ability to lower the feed dogs at the very least) is a NEED, not a WANT. Stay tuned. I know me well enough to see a new machine purchase in my future, but it'll take some time to find the bargain that fits my budget.


Anonymous said...

Well now that you will have all this "free" time, since all your Corporate Strategizing is done, I say go for the gusto and get what you want. It will encourage you to sew even more!

Cheryl said...

OK, help me figure out how to pay for it, will ya? It's great to be an encourager, and I appreciate it. Now I need some financial advice!

Anonymous said...

I have the Bernina QEE. I love love love the Bernina QEE. I sew on it everyday. It sews like no other machine I have ever owned and I still own my 1974 Bernina 830, it is now my back up machine. Since when do we have to buy only what we "need". Why not from time to time buy what we "want". I will sew on this machine for the rest of my life. I also own an other brand name serger....I want the new Bernina Serger with micro stitch control. I don't need it....I want it though and I will save up to buy it...This is my new years resolution. It is true "Nothing sews like a Bernina" I am not affiliated with the company I am just a passionate stitcher.