Friday, February 02, 2007

CHA Winter

Now that I'm back at work, I'm doing my best to remember everything that I saw at CHA and it isn't easy. Luckily, I have pictures. Many pictures. So here goes...

The convention center (from the trolley bench, shivering in the cold)

CHA 014
The Leisure Arts signings...and more.
This year, we had many folks set up in the booth for book signings. I think there was a representative for every area. I actually got to speak to Pamela Pease who also works with Mary Maxim (I Can't Believe I'm Free-Form Crocheting), Mary Nolfi from Crochet Asylum (Fresh Fashion Accents to Crochet, Crocheted Hats for the Beginner, and more), and Mary Engelbreit (enough said, right). There were so many more that I'm sorry I missed out on.

My favorite booth at the show (sorry, LA but Wrights had puppy dogs)

The Martha speech
Here's the whole gang in the crowd waiting for Martha Stewart's keynote speech (well, the lady in the Caron shirt definitely isn't one of us and she looks uninterested in what's happening anyway). If you're a Martha fan, you'd have loved the keynote speech. If you're me, well...I'll just say I enjoyed it, too. Thank you so much for asking. If you'd like to hear my thoughts about Martha's plans to elevate crafting, let's chat offline, shall we?

The Lion Brand fashion show with Vanna, a real highlight.
CHA 044
I actually had 2 pictures made with Vanna, but as she is extremely thin, I'm going to look like Godzilla next to her so I hope to never see them. Anyway, the fashion show was such a highlight. I enjoyed it very much. Lion Brand was showing their new acrylic yarn, Vanna's Choice, this year. We were very close to all the action (that's Mary's arm in the candid shot of Vanna. Hi, Mary's arm!) You can probably see hightlights over at the Lion Brand site, so go check them out. If you see Godzilla sitting in the front row, don't freak because I'm not going to take out Tokyo. That's just me, wedged in tightly with all the other Leisure Arts-ers.

My first Craft Yarn Council function and fashion show.
In my capacity as Knit and Crochet director, I'm being immersed in all things yarn as quickly as possible. I really enjoyed meeting people from all the yarn companies at CHA and then we attended a reception and fashion show. Loosely, the theme was about the combination or "marriage" of knit and crochet, I think. I'm still a little fuzzy on that, but I really liked all the wedding dresses anyway.
CHA 065

So, that's 2 days of CHA in a nutshell. I hoped to have one more picture for all the Bold Baggers in the house, but I didn't end up with a picture of Coats and Clark's purse zipper, a zipper with 2 sliders. They also have a new "outdoor living" thread. Visit their site, for more info.

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