Saturday, February 03, 2007

A trip to Toontown

On my last day in Anaheim, I did make it over to Disneyland. I have been to Disneyland before, but I do so enjoy theme park tourist traps...even on cold-ish rainy days. I wanted to play with my new camera so you can check out these photos and I'll tell you my favorite things...
As I completely understand priorities, I joined the racing throng to go ride Space Mountain first. Space Mountain is fun. They've added the Red Hot Chili Peppers soundtrack, which is fine, but Space Mountain is the fun part. After that, I went on Star Tours 'cuz I do like Star Wars. All it's missing is some Han Solo...and maybe a souvenir Ewok, even though we never make to the moon of Endor. Below is a picture of the Astro Orbiter from Tomorrowland.


This is the Year of a Million Dreams. I was trying to be all "photographer-y" so I took a picture of this lampost. It's kinda cool.

Here's a picture outside of the bathroom in Fantasyland, where I do live most of the time (Fantasyland, not the bathroom).

This is a picture outside of Goofy's house in Toontown. I love Toontown, everything is so nice and bright...even if they sometimes crash into your mailbox. That happened in my old neighborhood all the time.


My first character sighting was of Minnie Mouse in Toontown, but the next one was waaaayyy better.

Did you know that It's a Small World is closed for refurbishing? I was bummed. Here's the outside.

One of the highlights of going by don't have to go in the Haunted Mansion if you don't want to. No one is going to think you're a big chicken if you'd rather not be totally creeped out. The Snow White ride had a high enough creep factor for me. When I rode this at Disney World, my doom buggy broke the Haunted Mansion ride...that I didn't even want to go on in the first place. Only peer pressure would make me do this again.

New Orleans Square...finally. I continued counter clockwise around the circle, fighting the urge to go from Space Mountain straight over to Pirates of the Caribbean, but the wait was worth it. First, the ride is different than it used to be, with Captain Jacks and that creepy octopus guy from the second movie scattered in the ride. Second, there are now roving bands of pirates in New Orleans Square. I was really wising for a youngster to force to have a picture made with Captain Jack. I didn't have one, so I had to sneak this photo. If I'd been with someone adventurous, I would have gotten my own photo. As it was, I didn't think it was a good idea to trust a pirate with my new camera.


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