Friday, March 09, 2007

Scouting the perfect shot

This is a shot taken in Wye, Arkansas, about 30 minutes from here (well, it could be less for others since it's a wide spot in the road and I missed it the first time). Every year they have this field of daffodils and they're in bloom. I didn't take this shot but I might in the quest for the perfect shot to win the competition. I haven't given up on winning yet, so I'm still on the hunt. I'm not working this weekend, but there is another baseball North Little Rock...much less scenic than Hot Springs. Here are some places I'm thinking. Right now, the Pinnacle shots are my favorites. Any locals have any other suggestions?

1. Wye Mountain
2. Pinnacle Mountain overlook (the one you drive to. I'm not climbing. Are you crazy?)
3. Pinnacle Mountain base trail (even I can do this trail...this is the water shot which might work for the Emilie Richards book...maybe I could be famous!)
4. The Old Mill (which is one of the more scenic parts of North Little Rock).
5. The Big Dam Bridge (just not sure how far I'd have to walk to get a good shot...all the way across the river? The walk would do me good, but the time it takes may be the issue.)
6. Something downtown? (Capitol, Old Statehouse, River Market)
7. Garvan Woodland Gardens...pretty sure this is for another time since it's back to Hot Springs, but anyone want to go with me?


LazyGirlJoan said...


That picture is just beautiful! Makes me long for my flowers to be in bloom.


monique said...

Oooh! How beautiful is that?!