Friday, May 25, 2007

Blogging from home...ahhh!

Finally, I've managed to get myself all fixed up. Last weekend my laptop collapsed. As in, working one night...completely dead the next morning. No operating system or something like that. So, as I'm addicted to the internet, I decided to go for "new and improved" instead of "maybe repaired until it breaks again." And, since we'll lose our AOL accounts at the end of the month, I decided to enter the new age and get me some of that DSL. Little did I know how frustrated I'd be.

Computers have too many pieces...monitors and tower-thingies, printers and battery backups, and DSL modems and a t.v. tuner (I haven't tackled that one yet). So it took me roughly four days to get it set up and I managed to play games on it one night. No DSL, I couldn't figure out anything else to do. The next night...ugly error messages about no operating system. A nice, long, long-distance call to Gateway to find out my hard-drive crashed. In 4 days...from brand new to crashed, dead.

So today, I went back to Best Buy, got myself a new set-up and managed to hold onto my temper long enough to get everything set up. Again. And now my DSL has magically appeared 3 days early. Yes! I can get my internet fix again. I can wade through too much accumulated spam e-mail again. I can blog again. And blog better since Blogger is much better on this PC than on Mac/Safari. I can breathe again. Life is good.

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