Thursday, May 24, 2007

Book talk

So, yesterday I had a chance to dine with bestselling author Debbie Macomber. I was to arrive at 5:30, so I left work at my should-be normal time and made some stops. I still had 30 minutes, so I decided to stop in at Barnes & of my favorite places on earth. I'll walk blocks and blocks in the snow and wind to get to one...I know, I've done it recently. Anyway, I notice a table with books stacked up for a book signing and a lady who I did not recognize at all right in the front of the door. I mentally shrug and keep walking.

Now I'm in front of the magazines...Adorn, Craft, Knit.1, Selvedge, Sew Simple, making a stack to carry off and look through. And there's another person, looking at the same magazines, and standing close. My friends understand why I would notice this. She had no choice but to stand close as we were looking at the same magazines. But I don't deal with close, so I'm edging away. Then I notice she looks familiar...I think to myself, "You know, she looks like Debbie Macomber...what a coincidence! Wonder if I should say something or just let her look without gawking." I decide to be quiet and edge slowly away.

Then, she says, "We seem to be looking at the same magazines."
And then I, realizing that I might as well just go for it, say, "Well, actually we're going to be going to the same dinner, too."
And she looks a little surprised. I guess that could be surprising...someone you've never met...going to dinner with you.

Then I introduce myself and we have a disjointed conversation because I'm missing part of the information. She leaves. I go wander the books before heading to dinner and see little cards announcing her booksigning. Aha, the missing information. When I add that key, everything she says makes sense...but my answers don't...why I should know who Lesley is (the lady at the booksigning table). Really, I can't remember everything I said as I'm mentally unhappy over it.

When I made it to dinner, we all laughed...ha, ha, just me being oblivious. Again. I think it was the book store fumes that got to me. So at dinner with Debbie, her publicist, 2 VPs, an Executive, a Senior, an artsy designer-type person...and me, I just tried to eat my food correctly...until Ireland came up. Then I started telling stories, and I can't really remember what I said, but I'm almost sure I should just eat my ham quietly in the corner the next time around.

I also sent some e-mails to another bestseller, Emilie Richards, and managed to make a co-worker's day with her compliments on the new book we have coming out.

I've been really lucky to meet great people...designers who have fans, writers who have fans, even a game show hostess who has fans, but I never seem to learn the lesson...sit quietly and eat your ham, Cheryl. I get to spend lots of time replaying my words in my head. Oh, well. Maybe I'm memorable at least.

So here's the cover of one of the two new Debbie Macomber books we've got coming out. And the cover the Quilt along with Emilie Richards book that should be available in July.

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