Sunday, June 17, 2007

Breaking and entering

I go through these phases where I'm too busy or distracted and I misplace debit card is almost always involved. I said something about my list of "Lost Things" a couple of weeks ago. I replaced the lost battery charger, the lost ball of yarn doesn't matter anymore, and after more than a month, I found my badge to get into work. Badges are like passwords to me...a plague. And I've successfully held onto it for a week.

I'm not sure I should tell this story, but it's kinda funny. Now. It's kinda funny now. Last night, I had a chance to go out to the movies (with someone who doesn't open doors. I think that's the first time I've ever been out with a non-door opener, but that's not the story I'm telling.) We went to see the third Pirates movie. It was good. It was long. It was around midnight when I got home.

So, I'm sort of dumped out in the driveway and still standing at my front door when the car pulls away. Standing at the front door. Looking at my key ring. At midnight.
Car Key...check.
Car Fob thingy...check.
Weird SecurID thing for work that may not even be needed anymore...check.
House key...check.
My house key? Not there. Totally not there. Insert house key into lock. Nope, not my house key. Front door locked. Back door locked, I think. At midnight. And it's not helping that I sat through the whole Pirate movie with a jumbo-gigantic Diet Coke. The situation is dire.
Hidden Relative with a key...yes. And one of them is still in town. But it's midnight. Call a locksmith? Maybe, but did I mention my situation was dire?

So, in a second-to-last ditch effort before digging out my cell phone, I went through my very dark back yard, calling out to Darcy so she didn't attack to see if just maybe the back door was unlocked. It wasn't. But...there is a dog door. And I managed, somehow, I'm still not sure how it worked, doing my best impression of Stretch Armstrong/McGyver to unlock the door using my umbrella...from the inside. Apparently I'm way more flexible than I thought. I had only locked the lowest lock, thank God. My mom once told me a story where she did the same thing at her house. Maybe my problem is genetic. It was definitely proof that God answers prayer, 'cuz I was totally desperate by the time I got that lock to turn. Today I'm resting...after I hide a key somewhere.


Regina said...

At least you have a doggy door - I locked myself out of my house shortly after I bought it - and the only way we were getting in was for me to climb on a chair and in the kitchen window. The chair was resin - and broke just as my arms started through the window. I caught the windowsill, and was hanging there until my husband got under my feet and boosted me through. Needless to say I wore long sleeved shirts for a while until the bruises healed - and there is now a hidden key. I also ask my husband EVERY TIME we go out the door if he has his keys with him.

Glad you got in - and I can relate to the jumbo gigantic Diet Coke scenario - I have done that dance!!!

Where do you live again? Down South - right? And you went out with a non-door-holder-opener??? He must be a transplant!!!

Cheryl said...

Yes. A non-door opener in the south. It was totally shocking. I'm sure my mouth was hanging open the first time it happened. I'm still telling that story.

pat sloan said...

I almost spit GOOD COFFEE on my monitor girl!! That is a RIOT!!!!

And I'm sooooooooo used to guys that don't hold open doors.. started on my first job where I was about the only gal, every one, and I mean everyone was given a 'talk' about equality. So I was DARN equal in that office...thank you very much.

Found much the same thing... but dates.. mmm... there is that impress that chick thing he may hav emissed in school.

Susan S. said...

So WHY was your house key off the ring?