Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Podcasts are back up(?)

When Pat was here in December, we taped 2 webcasts. Well, they're finally up and running. And, of course, Pat is very good, totally professional. And I have a weird nervous tic and my accent pops up unexpectedly. The purpose of these webcasts and the letters from the editor and other things is to show who the people at Leisure Arts really are. Yep, that's really me. Sigh.

If you are my friend, just don't say anything to me about it. (Mary, this means you.) Mundane Jane and I were talking about whether to post or not to post. And I figured that since I'm a regular reader of Pat's blog, there was no way to avoid confronting my podcast. Now I'm scheduled to do another one...but I'm supposed to be funny in it. Maybe that will distract me from my obsession with my nervous tick. The accent I really can't do anything about. If you're going to make fun of it, you have to say
"That's so cute!" when you're done. (Deb, this means you.) Apparently, I have trouble saying "book" as one syllable.

And one more update: Yes, to everyone concerned over whether or not I have a key hidden now. I did find my house key and an extra key (on the same keyring) in my car (which was locked up safely in the garage). I did hide one and it is guarded by my big black dog. Now this will never happen to me again. Something else horrible and hysterically funny...probably. I imagine I'll have to go out on a date again someday. And I have some stories to tell. Of course, it may be a while. Check back in 4 or 5 years.

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