Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Ireland is in!

The Ireland book is in! I borrowed a copy to show my anxious fans (OK, my grandmother) this weekend, and so far the reviews are excellent. Jean has ordered our copies and if you're on the list to get an advance copy (hey, Sew Many Places trippin' ladies), they should ship out later this week. Isn't Jean's haircut cute? It's such a big change, too! And do you see how clean that girl's desk is? She's one of those clean it off before the end of the day. Not me (I know that's a shock). I pretty much just leave it where it falls, get up and go. Then I sit down and pick up where I left off. My desk looks like a disaster area most of the time. That just means I'm creative, right?

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Karen in Eagle, ID said...

Cheryl - I am so excited about the Ireland book. From your sneak peaks, it looks awesome. I can't wait to get mine - like Christmas in August. I am ready to go on another trip. Where are you heading next? I miss everyone.