Thursday, August 30, 2007

LA's Rock Stars

And the photos you've all been waiting for (I have a kazillion photos so I figured 2 posts would be better than one and that means I'm posting Friday early. It's never too early to celebrate Friday, right? As I am an equal opportunity offender, I thought I'd post all the rock star photos today. I usually have to chase down people to get shots of them, but I am a diabolical genius and now I have photos of several dressed for the par-tay. I'm sure the captions are going to get away from the photos. Maybe this will be like a game!

Our guest of honor: Sandra and some super famous rock star that dropped in for the day with her orange guitar. She's a total rock genius and actually painted her rock like an orange (see yesterday).

Design girls: Lori and Kim with Becky looking on. How did I miss Anne?

The Artists formerly known as Art; Rhonda, the shy one with the guitar, is in charge of that bunch. And she sings too.

Mundane Jane: Here she is with her little turtle friend.

The management: Here we are. We also go to meetings.

The Beach Boys...or Girls: OK so here we have quilters Jean and Frances, artist Lora (see Picasso's rock yesterday) and MJ. They were just looking for an excuse to wear shorts and flip flops to work. I admire that about them.

They're Crafty: Christina, Laura, and Kathy pose in the lunch line. They got some ink just for the party. Rock on.

Yes, the letters are sticking: And this is the reason I feel justified in posting these photos. If I'll put one up of me, looking like this, then I feel OK about putting up nice pictures of everyone else. I'm not sure what to think about the fact that I got so many compliments while I was dressed this way. It must be all the makeup. Maybe I should actually put some on when I come in to work. I think I look more like Bad Sandy (Tell me about it, stud) without the cigarette.

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Joan Hawley said...

Hi Cheryl!

It looks like the party was a blast. I hate hearing that Sandra is leaving - that's my selfish position on the matter.