Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Sneak Peek: iEmbellish

OK, so why am I late again? Two words: printer date. Or yarn crisis. Sometimes both at the same time. I just can't get any creative thoughts going lately. My excuse yesterday was an iWonder for a new iCrochet coming up. It's still undone. And I can't do too much of a peek on this one because I'm sure Mundane Jane is going to be looking for blog fodder soon (sorry, MJ, my need is greater than yours). So for now, just the cover and the last page because it's the most exciting (to me). It will be out in August. And the last page is my shot! It was taken at Blarney Castle. I think I squealed when MJ showed it to me the first time. That doesn't happen much. I feel sorta like when they're my publications, I use all my excessive power and world domination to get my shots included (um, a legend in my own mind? Not really). But this is not mine, so somebody else pulled the strings! Woo hoo! Do you think I'm a professional yet? I mean, how many more than 3 published shots does it take? OK, so this has put me in the mood for my super-duper, spectacular sneak peek in Quiltland...tune in tomorrow, top o' the mornin'!


Jane who? said...

Sister, if you've got two words to rub together, I'll never begrudge you using them. I'd do the same to you.


Very, VERY nice photo.


pat sloan said...

LOVE your photo!!! You switching careers to photographer????

And LOVE the new do!

guess what.. I got to pet a chocolate lab on my walk.. the highlight of my day!