Tuesday, September 25, 2007

The Great Diet Coke Shortage of '07

A day that will live in my memory, the day there were no Diet Cokes to be had in our building. There I was...facing a long, grueling afternoon of taping webcasts with Pat Sloan. We'd just had lunch and all it required for perfection...a cookie and a Diet Coke. I could make it if I could only have a cookie and a Diet Coke. So, first I asked for someone to go and get a Diet Coke for me. I never do that. It's a testament to how dedicated I am to professional webcasting behavior (not leaving the crew standing, waiting any longer than I have to) that I asked for help. Then, in a shocking twist, word is delivered...the machines have no Diet Cokes. Gasp. So I take a steadying breath and then proceed. But then, in an exciting rescue, Frances brings me not 1 but 2 Diet Cokes. She'd made the long journey, through the dangers of the conveyor belts in the distribution center, to get Diet Cokes for me. I thank you, Frances. The webcast crew thanks you. OK, the world probably thanks you. I didn't know it at the time, but Rhonda the Rock Star and MJ were already in deep planning mode to address the situation (a secret 2-liter stash) that they had included me in. Good friends all around. Today, I brought my own. I'm considering implementing an emergency stash...forget water and canned food. That just takes up valuable Diet Coke space.

I'll be posting some behind the scenes stuff from Pat's visit so tune in tomorrow!

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