Thursday, September 27, 2007

Noggins Lunch Bunch

Tuesday was a VERY BUSY DAY. Designer Pat Sloan was here teaching a class/getting photography done for her upcoming books. Thank goodness I had good hands to leave her in because I had a few fires to stamp out. That means no class for me. Pouting....
But at lunch time, the Knit & Crochet ladies got together to have a little clinic for anyone who might need a little help knitting or crocheting hats for Arkansas Children's Hospital Knitting for Noggins. And we had so much fun! Here are the knitters and crocheters (with a stray former employee, current designer Kay thrown in for good measure, HI, Kay!) all hard at work. Until I'm around these ladies, I think I'm some kind of hot stuff knitter. Then I watch them churn out a hat in an unholy amount of time. And they're TALKING while they knit. I can't do that. I. MUST. FOCUS. while I knit or catastrophe strikes. And on the other end now that I think about it...were the learners. Lola Lora who's been dragged into the knitting is working through K2, P2 ribbing (knit two, purl two) for her hat. And Rock Star Rhonda (as she will forever be known) is just learning. Like in this photo she just started...first knit stitches ever. Finally...peer pressure uses its powers for good instead of evil. Next I'm going to post photos of my completed hats. Both of them. I'm not sure I'm going to make the goal of 4 at the rate that I'm going. Still, it's too soon to give up.

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