Friday, September 14, 2007

The weather again.

So I'm on a weather kick lately. I know it. It's just a reason to celebrate as far as I'm concerned. The 100 degrees + and zero rainfall that we had in August is hard on a girl. Assuming she's warm blooded like a mammal. There is one I know who seems to like it hot, the hotter the better. I wonder about her. Anyway, I like weather like this. And it doesn't last long around here but it makes unexpected appearances all year long and convinces me that I'll make it to the next one. Just look at's what I'm thinking I have to do...

1. Clean a little. Weather like this makes we want to throw open the windows and mop. I don't like to mop. But that's what I want to do, throw open the windows and mop. Or at least think about mopping. No need to get radical at this point and actually proceed to clean house.
2. Road trip. Now this is one that I'm going to have to do. Can you say "perfect convertible weather"? I can. And I think I'll head to the exciting destination of...Arkadelphia. I've been looking for a reason to go back to the happy college I graduated from and take some photos...perfect weather + new yarn store = perfect reason.
3. Hike somewhere and take some photos. I think I can do this, too. Lake Degray is close by. Surely there's a trail there for me to fall on...I mean, explore carefully.
4. Nap. This is actually a good choice for any weather, but I won't discriminate this weekend.

Anybody else got excitement to match mine planned? I'm sure it would be impossible to reach these heights but if you're local, you really ought to get out. Or clean.

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Jane who? said...

My money's on the nap.