Tuesday, November 06, 2007

The Emilie Crowd

One of the things that we did to push the booth attendance past my own personal space boundary limits was to advertise a book signing with Emilie Richards. The first 20 people on Thursday recieved a free copy of her hardback novel Touching Stars. Need I say how many more than 20 showed up? Of course, the first person showed up as soon as the doors opened on Wednesday, preview night. She must have run straight there...for us to tell her to come back on Thursday. We might need to do a little better job on clarifying the details, but the crowd showed up on Thursday. Of course, as I have no real idea what day was what anymore, it could have actually not been Thursday at all. But I think it was. Anyway, on Thursday, the first 2 ladies showed up as soon as the doors opened. At 10 a.m. And they waited until 1 p.m. That's a real fan for you. Wonder if I could have talked them into letting me sign a copy of the free Ireland calendar while they waited in line? I should have tried that.

These are pictures of the booth crowd. The bottom is normal, not related to a book signing, but just shoppers in the booth, people signing up for the basket, and folks standing in the aisles doing their best to determine whether or not they'd like to come in and stay a while.

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